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A Letter to the Boy that Raised Me

Sixteen years ago, a young girl walked into a hospital filled with fear and shame but walked out filled with joy and hope. To my son on his sixteenth birthday, I say thank you for raising me.

You taught me to love, to be focused, to fight and to let go. You helped me grow through lifelong insecurities because in your eyes, I knew I was beauty. You taught me how strong I was and how strong I would continue to be. You never knew all the lessons you were teaching, but through your laughter and dogged competitive spirit, I learned to laugh and to compete for us. Your pragmatic approach to life simplified my view and your eternal optimism eventually sprang in me.

You taught me to navigate relationships no matter how confusing, because you were my son, my best friend and my mentor all rolled up in a too-tiny-for-his age package of vocabulary far beyond his years. You have made life seem easier than it probably was. You were my reason when no other reasons were enough. You were both my starting line and my finish line. I run the race for you and with you.

Thank you for raising me, my magic man. You have made me better than I dreamed I could be because you are not of this world, you are God’s gift to this world. Because you raised me, I am grateful to God every day; even in the worst of times because you are the reminder that faith is all we need to find our way. I fear not the mistakes I will make and am certain that while I will make them, I will also learn from them. I will be better for them. You taught me this. You taught me to love myself so that I could love you the way you deserved. You taught me that any man I marry would have to be extraordinary if I was to let him near my boy.

I knew no matter how hard things got, I was capable of giving you the world and so I always knew to keep going. You taught me to find peace within myself so that I could create a peaceful life for you. You taught me to forgive. You are the soul of a gentle warrior. You are light, my silver lining, pride and purpose. You my son, are the perfection of the imperfect journey. Thank you for raising me.

I love you beyond the measures of this universe. Happy Birthday Magic Man! 


Rita GivensComment