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The Use Cases for Daily Gratitude

I have a hard time answering questions about what I want to do next in my life. The reality of my life is that I am leaving a life that already succeeds my greatest expectations. After having a baby at sixteen, all I wanted was to provide for my son and to give him a good life with a loving family. Sixteen years later, having achieved that goal, all the other amazing blessings I received in this life require me to pinch myself often.  I have found this beautiful secret in life and this secret is gratitude. It’s even hard now for me to separate which came first, the gratitude or the success.

In reflecting on life, I think my gratitude has been at the root my successes in life. Believing I already have everything I need has allowed me to make decisions with a very different lens than I may have if I wasn’t so deeply grateful for the basics. Gratitude is life’s antidote to so many of the emotional viruses that prevent our forward progress. So many people want to have so much and I am pretty sure they will never get it without an authentic shot in the arm of gratitude.

Here are just a few of the use cases for practicing daily gratitude to cure yourself from being paralyzed in the negativities that life can bring. There are so many more, but we’ll start here.


Use gratitude when you are afraid to take a risk in your career or life. If you have a decision pending, remind yourself of all that you are grateful for. I have taken on some big jobs in my career not because I wasn’t afraid, but because I was grateful for the jobs I had before. I was able to tell myself that if it didn’t work out, I could be happy going back to what I was doing before. Of course, that never happened, but because I was grateful to have jobs I liked even with smaller titles, I never let the bigger title carry the weight of making me doubt myself. I want you to try gratitude to conquer your fear and see what happens.


Whether you are struggling with your partner, friend, family member or even a coworker, gratitude can help fix the brokenness in relationships. Think about one relationship you desire to maintain or fix in your life. Write down all the things that you are grateful for about that person and then when you wake up in the morning say them to yourself and then send it to them as well. Watch as all the struggles that existed in the relationship start to take a back seat to the

Self Confidence:

When is that last time you spoke words of gratitude towards yourself? When is the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “I am grateful for my amazing ass?” It is no wonder insecurity and a lack of self-confidence runs rampant amongst human kind. We pick ourselves apart and rarely do we dose ourselves with gratitude for the amazing bosses we are. We don’t say thank you to ourselves for our strengths. We don’t say thank you to ourselves for powering through the tough times. Mostly, we need to start to be grateful for the amazing people we are instead of always beating ourselves up for who we aren’t.

I want you all to try these three this week boss tribe. I also want you to think about other use cases for gratitude in your current life. I have yet to see an emotion that can’t at least be balanced with gratitude. Write the word down in places where you will be reminded when you need the antidote most.

I know one thing, I am grateful for all of you in my tribe. I am grateful I get to sit in my bed and write these stories and that you read them. You make me better and I stay moving forward because I want to be my best for you. I want to share what I can, learn with and boss up with you. I am grateful for you so THANK YOU.

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