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Mental Toughness

This week is about Mental Toughness and I have to admit that the timing is ironic. I write the content and pick the topics for the daily texts you get as a Boss Up member in advance. I usually write 20 weeks of texts at a time. I write these blogs in the moment. I want them to come from my most authentic place. I want to give tips and tricks that I may be using in the moment to deal with the topic myself. It is important to me that this space and this tribe remain true to who I am and who I am trying to become. I am on this journey with you and I never want you to walk away from this space and think I am sharing anything that isn’t true for me, has worked for me or is important to me.

That’s why this week, I don’t have a blog full of tips and tricks on mental toughness and how to find balance in using your mental toughness. I wish I did have tips right now because I could use them myself. I am sure I have conquered so much using my mental toughness but ability to summon those lessons is lost right now. This week’s topic is coming at a time in my life where my capacity for mental toughness is at an all time low. I am struggling to find the strength to navigate some of life’s current challenges and I don’t have the answers. I realized that my next level ability to be mentally tough through anything was a crutch I used to avoid certain realities. This year has dealt me some realities I cannot simply toughen up and get through. I have to sit with myself in this place that scares me and that feels out of control. I have to find something different than toughness, I have to find a different tool for fighting this battle because letting myself feel is necessary in this current battle. I can’t afford to confuse being mentally tough with numbing my pain so I will not try for mental toughness until I have clarity between the two. I will be taking in every daily text this week right along with you and trying to steady myself again. Thanks for being in my tribe. May you find the mental toughness you need during your good and bad times or may you completely lose it for a while if you have to. Please feel free to share messages, comments and stories for me and the tribe. If you have any tips or tricks on mental toughness, I know at least one Boss Up member who could use it!

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