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Every Day, You Get to Choose

This blog has a fun challenge for mastering our day with questions that remind you of your right to choose.

The topic of choice is so powerful and using choice to power our days can be life changing. Remembering that we get to choose can also be really hard. If you believe that you either get to choose the outcome or choose how to feel about the outcome, then you have to take responsibility for almost everything happening in your life. I have to admit, it can be a lot easier to believe that we have no control. I have a saying, “I want to happen to life, I don’t want life to happen to me.” This can only happen if I understand I have choices. I want to choose happiness, gratitude, and to learn lessons in hard times. When I choose that for myself, life feels so much more in control even if I am in fact, completely out of control. Now, this is coming from a person who believes strongly in destinies, purpose and the great unknowns of our journeys through this life. I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow but what I do know is that tomorrow will be a series of choices strung together in minutes and I will get to decide how the day goes for me.

 Below are some powerful questions to insert into your day to remind yourself of your choices. Choice can help you change direction, change your mood and empower your mind. Choice is such a gift when leveraged for your dreams and your happiness.

 Set your intention for the day. What kind of mood do you want to be in? What emotional outcomes are you hoping for yourself and then check in with these questions throughout the day.

  1. How am I feeling? Can I choose to feel differently?

  2. What beautiful lesson is this hard time in my day is teaching me?

  3. How many choices did I make today that were harder than the one I am currently facing?

  4. Why do I feel out of control in this moment? What choice could I make to feel more in control?

  5. What choice can I make to bring myself into alignment with my desires for the day? 

  6. What was my best choice today and my worst choice today? Why?

  7. What choices did I make today in service of others?

  8. What choices did I make today in service of myself?

  9. What big choices am I refusing to make in my life that are causing me to feel like a victim?

  10. What big choices have I made in my life that allowed me to achieve a goal?

 You can use these questions to journal at night. They will crack open the reality of our own power to adjust, to reflect, to choose throughout our day to be who we desire to be and to choose to have the days we desire to have. A bunch of days where you chose who you wanted to be equal a life of choosing who you want to be.

 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!  - D

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