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Iyanla Vanzan

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In my relatively short but decorated career I have climbed the corporate ladder at a pace faster than most of my peer group. Throughout my career I have been a public speaker and an active member of my community. As a result, I receive hundreds of emails each week from aspiring business leaders seeking career advice. In connecting with theses career driven individuals, I often field many of the same questions and address common themes. When I realized that there simply wasn’t a cost-effective solution for young self-starters to access the business coaching they so desperately need to get ahead in today’s competitive business climate, the Boss Up was born.

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Whether you’re just starting your career, or you’re a seasoned professional, the Daily Boss Up is the kickstart for which you’ve been searching. Choose from two subscription levels, both of which will serve as the catalyst you need to begin realizing your dreams faster and with more efficiency than you ever thought possible.


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Even a short pause in the day to take in positivity allows you to keep moving forward.

March 18, 2019

Why We Hate to Forgive

This is a tough blog for me to write. Sometimes I have a hard time giving advice about certain subjects because certain subjects remain a real […]
March 3, 2019

Let Yourself Be Great

Tribe, I have really tough news. There is not one other single person walking the planet that actually controls whether or not you achieve your goals. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON. 

February 24, 2019

One Question to Shift Your Perspective

When is the last time you asked yourself this question? When is the last time you challenged yourself? It is easy to challenge others, but what about ourselves?  I love this question because even if after asking it, I remain firm in my perspective, the question itself allows me to pause and become more flexible. 

Boss Up Your Life

be more, do more and give more