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millennial leadership



Danielle is a sought-after speaker on leadership. Her extensive background across numerous industries in leadership, organizational structure and development gives her a unique perspective for executives and their employees. Danielle’s authenticity and connection to audiences is second to none. She is not just an authority on leadership, she lives and breathes it everyday. Danielle is an in-demand speaker and influencer on leadership, speaking at Women in Technology events across the nation. Danielle’s experiences as the youngest executive and leader during most of her career gives her unique insight into leadership dynamics and the changing demands on leaders within the quickly changing market. Check out some of her upcoming events.

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TedX Mile High – Millennials Were Born to Lead, Here’s Why

You’ve heard the stereotypes — Millennials are entitled and unmotivated, and they can’t get off their damn phones! But whether you love them or hate them, Millennials are a rapidly growing part of the workforce. Danielle Shoots decided to investigate — will Millennials be great business leaders?



Corporate Speaking & Workshops

People always ask me if I get scared taking on such big roles. I always say the same thing – heck yes I get scared. I am scared right now. Unlike what people say, success is not about being fearless. It’s about whether or not we let the fear keep us from moving forward. I get scared, but I don’t get paralyzed. I don’t try to push my fear away but I do try to recognize it so that I can channel it as fuel.