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Press & Praise


“Danielle brings a unique approach to strategic planning that benefits both public and private sector organizations. She knows process, she knows skill-building, and most importantly, she knows people. We recently partnered with Danielle to lead a small business client through a brand and business development strategy session. Danielle was a great asset to the project as she worked with the client to identify realistic goals and outcomes, and develop execution plans. Her partnership was of great value and we can’t recommend her services enough!”

— A.Hastey, San Diego, CA

Danielle’s approach and eloquence in speaking on all things leadership is a powerful lens to shed light on a voice that isn’t always heard without creating divide. If you are searching for a speaker to help a group or audience embark and lean in toward pivotal and meaningful shifts in positive cultural change, accountability, diversity  with an authentic, clear and relevant message , Danielle serves as a wonderful resource. Danielle is one of the most energizing, engaging, and versatile keynote speakers I have had the pleasure of knowing and learning from. She not only gives meaningful best practices on overall strategic leadership, leading as a millennial but speaks to themes that resonate with multi-generational audiences. She is one soul that leaves a room better than where she finds it!

— P. Ravenscroft, Colorado Springs, CO

I truly am thankful for the meeting we had, because I am now able to view myself in a new light and feel more confident in myself. Even though I’m still working on it, I am starting to feel more comfortable in speaking up in meetings and understanding how not be afraid of failure. I am hoping we can continue meeting, I have so much to learn and I feel like you have already helped me so much.

— S. Dietrich

What an amazing delivery that left many young professionals in the room inspired and motivated to work for such great company. Our company is truly blessed to have a leader like yourself leading the business.  Your vulnerability to the different opportunities that you have overcome over the course of your career and the genuineness that came from the conversation had everyone talking during lunch. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to be able to invest in the young professionals in the California region. We owe you!

— C. Kemp

The more I learn about you, the more I am amazed by you.  I listened to your Ted talk and loved it.  It is nice to hear a positive spin on how millennials were raised and how those traits can benefit them in the workforce.  My husband and I are raising our daughter very much like how you define this generation.    We frequently debate if we are doing the right thing, so I was happy to hear you talk about the value of connected technology, positive rewards even when just showing up, planned events, and fully engaged parents. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

— M. Demby

After working with Danielle in other Women’s Network Group events, I was part of the development team for an annual premier event and thought of her instantly! Energetic, approachable, authentic and magnetic would be the way I would describe Danielle as one of our panelists. As the facilitator of the panel, she made my job effortless by presenting her story and answering questions in a way that everyone who attended could leave with something new for their own career development. Any opportunity I have to work Danielle I will take it!”

— D. Langley-Robinson, Lynnwood, WA

Danielle’s experience, personality, and thought leadership allow her to provide unique solutions to motivate and transform a multi-generational workforce. From Baby Boomers to Millennials to Gen Zers she can translate ideas into practical next steps to grow culture and community at any business.”

— T. McManus, Denver, CO

The content of your speech was on point, I definitely had some takeaways and will be setting aside some time to work on my “pie” and see what gaps I have to address to become the person I admire in a leader.  There was a great buzz in the room after and we definitely will be sending out the link to your Ted talk to all our members.  We look forward to seeing you in person one day soon here in CA!

—E. Gierhart

Thank you so much for coming out yesterday and speaking to us here in Denver, CO. I was so inspired after leaving there and really felt like I’m making the right decision in my life right now, going back to school and building my career. You said something that really hit home, because it is something I have struggled with my whole life. It was assumed that if I make it to a certain title in life my color won’t matter, my gender won’t matter. However, each time I rise I realize that my gender and my color still is a factor, so like you said I’ve embraced who I am. our journey is so inspiring I had to share it with as many female friends and coworkers as I possibly could, because the message was too good not to share.

— W. Ashbury

I would like to take a moment and thank you for your Ted Talk on millennials.  I use it in all of my leadership workshops and it has been extremely helpful in setting up the conversation regarding millennials, perceptions and the role they have in our workforce. Please know your insight is very much appreciated.

— B. Franklin