College Students The Resume for Any Job- Zoom Workshop

On May 15th 2020, The Daily Boss Up brings you our first VIRTUAL workshop tailored towards college students!

Are you a college student or recent college graduate eager to start your career?

Do you want to stand out compared to your other constituents during the interviewing and hiring process?

“The Resume for Any Job"- An interactive day of rethinking and building your resume to stand out to employers based on the skills and experience you already have.

We will guide you through writing your resume and selling yourself in a way that is industry, company and technical experience agnostic. YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!

You will leave with

  • A resume.

  • An elevator pitch.

  • Interviewing skills.

  • A new found appreciation for the skills and talents you already have.

  • Networking skills and a new community of support.

Ready to Stand Out to Employers?

What's better than being able to prepare for the career path you want from the comfort of your own home!

Danielle Shoots will be hosting a zoom meeting where she will review your resume, and help incorporate your skills and work experience to prepare you for job interviews. 

Participants will receive full details via email before April 15th.